About Us


Company History

It all started with a little cocaine...No, not the drug!  The song sang by Eric Clapton called, "Cocaine!" Nearly 20 years ago the owner went to a karaoke show for the first time, and sang that song!  From that point on he knew that he wanted to be involved in activities like karaoke!  Over thousands of private and public events, he's still just as passionate about it as he was at day one.  Almost 10 years ago, he decided that he wanted to have his own company doing karaoke for local venues, and inevitably, weddings and private parties weren't far behind.  Today he provides a full experience for the guests with programmable stage lighting, and premium sound.  Making each performance with us even more attractive!


Company Vision

Since our company open back in 2012 we have tried to model ourselves as though we are the training grounds for new and upcoming talent.  That through practice with proper equipment, we can develop that talent to be something great!  I will say that we have had several of our devoted fans compete in The Voice and American Idol, and even made it through the first round.   Though none have made it all the way to the finale, I feel we had a part in their success just providing them with the means to practice without effort.  Quality sound is what we place the most emphasis in.  Secondary, is stage lighting.  Lighting comes right behind sound.  Since there is no show without sounds, there can be a show without lights. Although, we would never want to!  Lighting plays a key part is drawing a person into the music, and really can influence a mood from the audience.  We have over 50 lights we can control and program.  However, the owner is still getting the hang of controlling the lights to make a cohesive look.  We can accurately say, we have a better rig than most of these traveling bands. 


Company Goal

Our objective is be the company that is your one stop shop for any event entertainment.  We have talented hosts, that can sing harmonies, as well as has a keen sense of music arrangement and flow to an event,  Combine that wisdom with some attractive lighting, and great equipment you get a Skwizit night out!

Company Booking Status


Current Status: Actively Booking

We are always looking for a reason to throw a party! Feel free to ask questions.  We would love to brainstorm some ideas with you to help things get prepared smoothly.  Below are our dates that are already booked, if the date you're looking for is open shoot us a message, and we'll respond promptly!

Booked Dates:

Hot Shots in Anamosa -1/17/2020

Whitetails Saloon in Clarence -1/18/2020

Hot Shots in Anamosa - 2/1/2020

Walter Case Fundraiser in Walford - 2/8/2020

Bollywood with Ankur Sharma in MN - 2/14/2020

Lisbon Prom  - 5/2/2020

Whitetails Saloon in Clarence - 6/6/2020

Wedding - 6/20/2020

Private Party - 6/27/2020

Wedding - 8/29/2020

Wedding - 10/10/2020