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Wednesday Nights

Whatever Wednesday's at O'tis Tailgators

8pm - Midnight

Cedar Rapids, IA

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Wednesday Nights

Whatever Wednesday's at O'tis Tailgators

Great music venue, with plenty of seating, and dance floor.  They always have great staff and cold drinks!  Show is hosted by DJ Mikey Z and starts at 8pm!  We bring great stage lighting, and have all your favorite hits on speed dial!  

8pm - Midnight

Cedar Rapids, IA

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As an entertainment service, we cater to the needs of each event.  Trying to recreate the images our clients are looking for.  Through our network of affiliates, we are able to provide everything our customers are looking for.  We offer private event services, wedding ceremony/reception services, patio entertainment, and host regular weekly events all over.  We have several hosts to handle the details of each event, and work one-on-one to ensure everything is in order.  Our staff is courteous and professional, and possess the right characteristics to keep the night going strong!  

We also have various packages for our clients to choose from starting at just $400!  You can choose from sound active lighting to professional programmed lighting, karaoke and DJ services, and more! We aim to please.

If you are a bar owner, venue operator, or promoter, and are looking to utilize our services for a special event, or reoccurring events in your establishment affordable flexible rates are available.



Booking us for an event is as simple as selecting a package, and checking our availability.  To book, we do request a deposit of 50% of the total estimated cost of the event, and is non-refundable.  Doing this will dedicate a DJ to your event, and give you first option on your set-up.  We are only able to perform two different package selections per date.  Example: if someone already has our Gold or Premier Package, the only other package we can offer is the Economy package.  DJ's may change depending on professional needs, but equipment and setup is reserved with your deposit.  

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Our Policies


Our main policy is to make sure the customer is satisfied.  Through open communication, and key meetings with the event coordinators, we do our best to make sure everything is choreographed through the entire process of the event.  From discussing playlist to bridal party entrance, special dances, and cut-off times.

Secondary policy is have fun, and make sure that the guests are having fun!  The members of our staff have years of experience working in this industry and have hundreds, if not thousands, of shows under their belt. They have the intuition to manage the playlist to keep everyone engaged in the event.


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